Chandler Limited ‘Zener Limiter’ Plug-In by Softube for UAD-2

Chandler Limited Zener Limiter Plug-In - Universal Audio - SoftubeShell Rock, IA – November 2016 … Chandler Limited, recognized globally for signal processing and related music and audio products that deliver the classic analog sounds that recording and professional musicians seek announces the release of the Chandler Limited Zener Limiter plug-in, developed by Softube for Universal Audio’s UAD-2 software platform.

Chandler Limited’s prized TG12413 Zener Limiter hardware limiter is based on the vintage EMI TG console limiters and rare RS168 prototype from the late ’60s and early ‘70s, and reimagined for the modern studio.

The vintage transistorized EMI limiters with their unique and rich tone, were used to record The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon records at Abbey Road Studios.

Chandler Limited’s TG12413 Zener Limiter, featuring discrete amplifiers, Zener diode circuit, and expanded control-set, delivers the historic and now legendary EMI tone to the modern studio.

Today, Softube’s ‘circuit-end-to-end’ Plug-In emulation of Chandler Limited Zener Limiter harnesses the power and tone of the hardware.

Discover what engineering and mixing legends, Tony Maserati, Michael Brauer, Joe Chiccarelli, Jack Joseph Puig, Ryan Hewitt, Michael Wagener, and Howard Willing already have.

The Chandler Limited Zener Limiter plug-in for Universal Audio’s UAD-2 platform is available for $299 and adds features not found on the original hardware, including Mid/Side functionality and channel linking.