Green Day’s FOH Mixer Kevin Lemoine butters it up with LTD-2s

Kevin Lemoine FOH Mixer Green Day - Chandler Limited

Kevin Lemoine FOH Mixing Engineer  - Green Day

In the November issue of SOS’ [Sound On Sound] "A Day In The Life" segment, SOS caught up with Green Day’s FOH [Front of House] mixing engineer Kevin Lemoine during a major music festival in France.

While Kevin has mixed everyone from Filter to Sugar Ray, Buck Owens,  Flogging Molly, Jane's Addiction, Jimmy Smith, The Luna Chicks, Iggy Pop, Ice-T, and Body Count among others, he’s found a home as super-group Green Day’s FOH mixing engineer for the past 14 years.

Kevin loves analog, and Green Day does too! "Green Day are definitely an analogue band. All of their recordings have been done as such and that's what the fans are used to hearing” says Kevin.

Kevin Lemoine also digs Chandler Limited so much so that he’s mixing Green Day live with the help of ten Chandler Limited LTD-2 compressors!

Kevin Lemoine FOH Mixer Green Day with Wade Goeke of Chandler Limited

Kevin Lemoine FOH Mixer Green Day with Wade Goeke of Chandler Limited

Kevin employs his stash of Chandler Limited LTD-2 compressors for vocals and guitars.

Kevin says , "That stuff is incredible. And I laugh almost daily about how buttery and awesome the Chandler LTD2s [hand-wired compressors] are on my backing vocals. It's just insane how good those things sound.”

We encourage you to read the full SOS article to learn more about Kevin, his gear, and his incredible gig!

To experience exceptional live sound, you'll have to treat yourself to a Kevin Lemoine mixed show; go catch Green Day live!