Guitar Player Magazine Awards GAV19T ‘Editors’ Pick’ Award

Chandler Limited Guitar Player Magazine Editors Pick Award - GAV19T

Chandler Limited GAV19T wins Guitar Player Magazine Editors' Pick award

Since its introduction, our GAV19T Guitar Amplifier has been the subject of gushing praise from many of the industry’s leading authorities. Guitarist / composer / producer Blues Saraceno—recognized globally for his work with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, Poison, Ziggy Marley, and Melissa Etheridge states, “The Chandler GAV19T guitar amp fills a very specific spot in my sonic palette. If this amp was ever stolen, I’d immediately replace it with another one. It’s that important to me. When it comes to great sound, the proof is in the results.”

The New Black 7’s guitarist / vocalist Tory Stoffregen is yet another performer sold on this rockin’ amp, “The GAV19T reacts like no other amp I’ve ever used. It’s very sensitive to the touch and absolutely perfect for recording… everywhere we play, guitarists come up to us after the show and ask what amp we use and tell us how great the sound is.”

And now there’s more praise for the GAV19T. Guitar Player magazine, the leading authority for performing guitarists everywhere, has now voiced its opinion—and it’s so good, the GAV19T just won the coveted Editors' Pick Award. In the review, which is published in their September 2013 issue, Associate Editor Barry Cleveland unequivocally states, “This little red 19-watt wonder excels at cranking out traditional rock and blues tones—but it gets there via atypical approaches to old-school amp technology… The GAV19T is one wicked amp—delivering tons of classic tones, considerable flexibility, primo components, and superior build quality in a classy and relatively lightweight package. Dig!”

When we received the review for proofing here at Chandler Limited, Barry Cleveland had this to say to Wade Goeke, our company founder and chief product designer. “Art [Thompson], Matt [Blackett] and I were all very impressed with the performance of the amp and also liked that you were doing some different things design-wise.”

Upon receiving the Editors' Pick Award, Wade Goeke offered these thoughts, “All of us here at Chandler Limited are honored to receive this award,” he said. “In addition to the input we’ve received from various guitarists, this product’s overall design draws upon the experience we’ve gained over the years from our signal processing offerings. In many ways the GAV19T is the culmination of those efforts and I couldn’t be happier to see how well-received this amp has been from so many highly regarded industry professionals. We are very proud of this recognition and are greatly appreciative of the Guitar Player staff for their insight.”