Chandler Limited Germanium Drive
By: Alex
GuitarTrump.Com, June 6, 2013

Tens of thousands of guitar pedals have been introduced to the world over the years, and new products still don’t cease to raise the bar for players everywhere.

Chandler Limited recently sent the Germanium Drive my way for a test run. Two switches (“HIGHs” to control the overall brightness of the pedal and “BOOST RANGE” to select the frequency response), two chicken-head knobs (“GERMANIUM DRIVE” for gain and “FEEDBACK” to select the unit’s negative feedback), a VOLUME control on the front end and one footstomp (the TRUE BYPASS switch which makes it all happen).

This beast requires a lot of power — TWO 9v adapters — which should say something about just how powerful it is! The Germanium Drive is pretty heavy-duty, and won’t take up much real-estate on your pedalboard. I played it for the first time with BOOST RANGE on “HIGHs,” HIGHs on “Very Bright,” DRIVE at 7 and FEEDBACK on 1. I’m not gonna lie — its impressive. Fat tone and a searing warmth that can easily be your base for blues, jazz etc. Upon cranking the gain, turning the FEEDBACK up a couple of notches (3 – my favorite setting) and switching BOOST RANGE to FULL, this color-boosting machine becomes a full-out tone-enhancing monster that had my baby Roland begging for mercy. This pedal produces little to no noise and sounds great on any setting, whether you’re going for that rich harmonic distortion or a nice edgy fuzz.

The Germanium Drive features the perfect array of controls for detail-oriented players. If you’re looking for a pedal with amazing flexibility to capture the unique tone and voice of individual players, your search has come to an end. This is the pedal you have been waiting for…

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