Chandler TG12413 Limiter – Sound on Sound, Feb. 2007

Chandler EMI TG12413
by: Mark Wherry
Sound on Sound - February 2007

I first head the Chandler EMI TG12413 limiter plug-ins at last year's winter NAMM show, and even in the less-than-ideal listening conditions of a trade show you could hear that this was a great processor. Digital recreations of classic analogue gear are commonplace these days, but the TG12413 plug-ins are simply stunning. The pedigree of the analogue gear in question goes way beyond marketing. There seems to be an industry-wide joke about the need for a ‘make it better' button on audio equipment, and TG12413 really is such a button, because with very little effort it just makes everything sound . . . well, better – and with only four controls! While it's great as a mastering tool over a final mix, TG12413 works perhaps indulgently well on percussion, and particularly drum kits.

—Mark Wherry