Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Green Day, Ed Sheeran, Fallout Boy, Pink, Katy Perry)

“Amazing. We threw it [TG Microphone Type L] up on a 112 cabinet with a Weber speaker in it, through my two-rock Bloomfield drive and this Tele and I didn't touch it; there was no EQ. I did leave it plugged into a line that was the actual vocal chain, so it was going through a [RS]660 compressor limiter, which is also the Chandler [RS660 Compressor] which I love…and so I left it on; it sounded great, I didn't even bypass it. It just sounded big and the mid-range is probably my favorite thing that I love about records. It's the sound of rock and roll. You know, without it, you don't really have guitars. Guitars live in that frequency. So it's important to me that a microphone can translate great mid-range…it kind of almost has a ribbon quality to it. You know…where ribbon mics can tend to be great for that mid-range without any top-end and without any low-end they just give you this like mid-range presence. But it's a little bit more dimensional than just a ribbon.”