Kevin Kadish (Meghan Trainor, Morgan Wallen, Evan Taubenfeld, Jason Mraz)

“I think everyone’s gonna have one [TG Microphone Type L]. It’s incredible on piano, on electric guitars; I can’t wait to try it on acoustic guitar. It’s almost like having two different microphones in one, because the ‘A’ and ‘B’ mode are so different. ’A’ mode, to me feels like fatter and warmer, and ‘B’ mode is like more precise…for being precise it’s very tape-y. I don’t know how Wade does it, but every single time he makes something, it what my ear wants to hear and this is no exception. The [Type] L is going to be for everybody, I think. I think because of the price point of it…It’s so versatile, it sounded amazing on piano, it sounded amazing on electric guitar, like amazing on electric guitar! …unreal, unreal…”