Mark Gustafson (FOH Cheap Trick)

"I recently had the good fortune to visit Chandler and try Wade's new pedals. I'm a little at a loss for words, but I will do my best to describe my initial reactions. First off, the quality is what you would expect from Chandler and that is nothing short of the best (and I was playing on a prototype!). I will say for both they seem incredibly transparent. I do not hear a stomp box between the guitar and the amp but rather it brings out new sounds, textures, and character (it is a Chandler product after all). I tried it on a few vintage low- watt amps, a Marshall, and an AC30. These boxes were so flexible they could bring out the best qualities of each combination of amp and speaker. They are so dialed in, it's simple. After finding a preset that works with your amp, you have further options of sculpting the tone using feedback drive and boost range. The Germanium is fat and smooth as you may expect while the Little Devil (my favorite) is aggressive and can get almost squishy if you push it that much. They bring tone to the next level. To sum it all up, these are so much more than just boost pedals, they are tone enhancers."