Michael Wagener

"I don't know how you did it, but this mic pre has a superb clarity, but still tons of character and it has a great mid-range punch without losing bottom or top end, which could make it my top choice for electric guitars (right now it's the TG-2, so it would at least stay in the family). The feedback control lets you add more harmonic content to the sound and push it way forward. The bright switch opens up a vocal track really nicely. Tried it on electric guitar and vocals so far, which is quite a spectrum for a mic pre, and it kicks butt on both. Awesome box. Man, you did it again. It's amazing how your stuff always stands out from the crowd. Everything's got its own distinct sound and it totally hits my taste. You are creating the "modern vintage"! Plug it in and it makes you feel better, no kidding (I used to have to listen to Back in Black to make me feel better). Great job, Wade."